Some good news and some bad.

Not as bad as you think, but certainly irritating. First that (I like to finish on a positive note).

Some weirdo friggin’ stole my hanging plants from off my porch! Bastards! Either they did it while I was in the TV room watching the Fifth Element, or they did it between 2am and 5am (when I was asleep). Seriously? Hanging plants? They were $15 each! Not expensive! Cheap bastards. Well, I suppose we shall have to go to Pike and get some new ones. I liked the purple one better anyhow, so we’ll probably just get two of those. Or maybe some crappy-ass Boston ferns, because the neighbors still have theirs.

And then the good is that (1) I finished the craft project of Doom (okay, not of doom, but my thumb is swollen from cutting things out of cardstock) and (2) I found Traditional Jewelry of India by Oppi Untracht for $35 on! Woohoo! Thanks to Vairavi for pointing me there for the Kelsey Museum textiles book. I had to stop searching for things because I was afraid of what I’d find. The Kelsey book is used (at $20, I’m not going to whine) but the jewelry book is new! (aargh. just checked on Amazon and it’s $35 there, too; I have purchased the paperback version) Well, anyway – I’m excited about it. I was really sad to have to return it to the library when it was due back.

And now that I’ve got one craft project out of the way, I can focus on fabric printing. Hooray for fabric printing!

About HappyGoth

By day, I'm a graphic designer. By night, I'm a knitter. I'm doing my part to keep Hotlanta stylish. I imagine that if you don't already understand the title of the blog, you're probably confused and perhaps slightly annoyed, but never fear - I do have a reason (and it's a good one). Having gone to hear Stephanie Pearl McPhee, and then having been inspired to blog about knitting, I found myself wondering what to call the blog. I recalled a conversation I had with Mouse and the Chicken Goddess about why it is a Bad Idea to anger knitters - this conversation was following SPM, aka the Yarn Harlot telling the assembled throng about Those Who Do Not Understand Knitting and Therefore Belittle It Much to the Chagrin of Others, or TWDNUKTBMCO, which is not the acronym she used but is the one I'm using because I forgot hers - that is, we are numerous and we all have very pointy sticks, easily transforming into an angry mob. Therefore, knitters = angry mob.
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2 Responses to Some good news and some bad.

  1. Mouse says:

    Next time you should use some green floral wire (or whatever you have that is cheap) and wire the baskets to the hooks.. My parents used to do that at home b/c people would steal anything that wasn’t tacked down tightly that was left out after dark. (They even stole our manger scene at Xmas)

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