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Book, right?

Yes. Now that I’m not binding it, I can talk about it. (Will be a series of two posts today.) I bound a book a couple of years ago and have been doing mad research since then to improve my … Continue reading

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March Wrap-Up

(mmmm… Gulf Wars and Mega Moon. Or whatever it was they were calling it.) I did a lot in March. Actually, I don’t remember the first part of the month, since it was mostly spent working and dealing with SCA … Continue reading

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And other things. But first, auctions. Specifically, the auction that WH and I attended last Friday, wherein we had much fun and came away with some pretty neat stuff, acquired very cheaply. Behold: A carved wooden elephant, complete with howdah … Continue reading

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While this may look like yet another hobby it is, in fact, ancillary to one of my main hobbies, which is medieval islamic bookbinding (hey – I do have some normal hobbies, like knitting and comic books). I’ve been working … Continue reading

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Yay for saris!

While cruising the internet in search of articles to satisfy both my Chantal Boulanger and non-Indians with India obsessions, I ran across this nifty article on saris: Fabric Begets Fashion I’m really happy to see the Westerners-in-saris category represented. It’s … Continue reading

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Finally feels like winter

I had initially intended to go to Magna Faire this past weekend, with the further intention of entering some costuming thing into the regional faire at the very least, but due to a sick child (not mine; my carpool buddy’s) … Continue reading

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Working on it!

I have a long rambly post in the works, but in the meantime it’s the American holiday season, and my whole family is going to be in my house for Thanksgiving. On the upside, I get to use my new … Continue reading

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Red Tower

Sorry for no DragonCon posts – I’m still sorting through photos. However, Red Tower this weekend was an excellent success, and the South Downs has a rockin’ new Baron and Baroness (one of whom is Blogless Lea) and there was … Continue reading

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So. In order to prove that I actually do stuff while I’m not blogging, I’ve got photographic proof (at the end, because I’m not sure yet how to insert photos in the middle of iPhone posts). Last weekend I piled … Continue reading

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Use Bug Spray

No, really. I have one on my thigh and three on my hands, too. So, yeah. Use that bug spray. All Things Middle Eastern was great, and that makes me even sadder that the Shire of Brantestone is being dissolved … Continue reading

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