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Now that RUM is over, I don’t quite know what to do with myself (I imagine this is short-lived). I have done some more spinning, and am almost done with half of the 8 oz of vegetable-dyed roving. I’ve also … Continue reading

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RUM, and rum.

[NOTE: this is a very SCA-heavy post. VERY.] There was much of both to be had this past weekend, which is both an excuse for my blogging absence and not one at all. That is, I blog when I’m much … Continue reading

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Hand. Spun.

Take that, people. I have plied yarn, and I have documented its plying (or the aftermath, at least). But first, cats cannot be trusted with sealed bags of loose ends, apparently. This one had a cat-induced hernia: Leftover yarn, yes, … Continue reading

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Milk Toof

Aaaugh. This is so cute that I may have an aneurism: My Milk Toof

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The choli vexes me

First, though, I got a lot done this weekend. I finished one of the Rivendell socks (it’s a little short, but not wholly uncomfortable), plied my first singles (woohoo!) and then sewed up the ghagra and patka for my garb. … Continue reading

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Two good things

1. It is Friday (yay!) 2. I picked up the Rivendell socks again, and have made it to the toe! Progress feels good. Also, watching my husband play video games is good for my fiber productivity. Happy weekend, all.

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I’m kind of a grump today, I’m sharing more of what I learned. In that, as an unintended consequence of blogging about the print process, I have a good start on documentation for the project! Hooray! I shall explain. SCA … Continue reading

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I pass on knowledge

To you. So. I learned many things this weekend, but here is the summing up, so that in the future, others can learn from my mistakes. 1. Soft-soft, hard-hard. That is, soft blocks print better on soft materials and hard … Continue reading

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Why I knit, #25

Wow. 25 of these.  I thought when I started that I’d only get maybe 10, but here you have it! I knit because it’s something I can do. The block printing project was very rewarding but also very taxing, both … Continue reading

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I have conquered Gaul

Well, no. I haven’t. I have done something monumental (for me) this weekend, though. I block-printed 4 yards of fabric. Allow me to say, though, for the record, that although I freaked out completely that the madder I ordered hit … Continue reading

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