More fiber? No, thanks.

I have accomplished much by spinning, plying, and washing my first handspun. It is lovely.

However, this bit of accomplishment is dwarfed by the sheer amount of roving I have left over (which compared to some is not a lot, but is overwhelming for me).

I will demonstrate.

In case you’ve forgotten, this is my first handspun (shameless bid for attention):

My first handspun! by you.

It’s roughly 89 yards, and is not bad for a first effort. However, this is not all. Now that this is done, I have 8 more ounces of logwood and iron dyed mystery wool

SCA yarns by you.

(some spun up from the first bag; I’m on to the second now)

11 ounces of some mystery brown wool that the husband chose at the state fair last summer (it is scratchy and full of dirt and is an acceptable challenge, but I’m glad I won’t be wearing the finished product)

unidentified brown, detail by you.

15 ounces of some lovely white targhee cross which is a lot but very soft and will possibly become fingerling, and will also be dyed after spinning

Targhee cross, 15 oz by you.

Plus the olive green and neon colors from this past weekend, some purple logwood and alum dyed roving from S&W, a whole mess (like, another 16 ounces) of BFL pencil roving I bought on Etsy, the reindeer-colored roving gifted to me by the Chickengoddess following this past Christmas party, and roughly 8 ounces of some purply stuff I bought when visiting Baobh for the Pants Pants Revolution party.

Which adds up to 58 ounces of fiber yet to spin, ply, and wash. I still have no plans for what I’m going to do with most of it, except for the scratchy brown stuff, a portion of which will become fingerless gloves for the husband. I had originally intended them to be bulky, but am using a very light spindle, so the yarn will ultimately be quite fine, rendering a fine but scratchy finished item. He didn’t specify gauge, so I’m cool with that.

My stash is really starting to overwhelm me. I have run out of room in my six yarn drawers, but refuse to make more (even though I’ve got Knitch gift cards hanging around, for eventual use; I will make space in what I’ve got).

It makes me feel better to know that Baobh has a bump (like, more than 10  pounds) of BFL in her fiber room at this very moment. I had to restrain myself from unwinding it and rolling in it like Scrooge McDuck and his pool of coins.

Sort of like this, but with wool:

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