DragonCon, final bits.

Day 4: Sunday

This day was another forgetful day. I slept in, which was awesome. After I got up, I went with Becca to get breakfast, and then put on the costume I invented the night before, which ended up being really awesome. The husband showed up after we ate, and we went to see a Mike Mignola panel.

IMG_4326 by you.

Blurry, I know; My camera is not so great.

It was a little disappointing, in the end; he is fascinating to listen to, but the husband has had a Lobster Johnson costume for a few years now, and was waiting to show it to Mignola, who sort of blew off the other Lobster Johnson who had shown up. In the past, Mignola’s editor has been enthusiastic about the costume, so the husband decided to keep that as his good memory of the costume and consequently didn’t worry about meeting Mignola later. We did more wandering again until 2:30, when I sat at Jennie‘s booth and the husband went to another panel. After that we wandered some more, then went and got takeout and watched the Masquerade (first time I’ve seen the whole thing!). We had intended to see Arc Attack, but the line stretched around the building, and they had cut it off to more folks, so I gave up on that, instead hanging around in the Marriott, looking at folks in costume.

IMG_4318 by you.

Like Edward and Chewie. It’s a match made in heaven – Edward is a dick (the character, not the dude dressed as him; the guy was actually pretty awesome), and Chewie has the ability to smack him around for it. Perfect.

The kilt blowing was wild. Baobh and husband were out, husband having gotten food poisoning, so we ran it solo. About 10 guys in, somebody called the cops to shut us down (somebody showed a little too much). We had to “pretend” to use the leaf blower, and while we were explaining, a guy booed the cop. So I told him he could either a. quiet down or b. leave the line. He chose to quiet down. I felt pretty empowered. In the end, nobody got arrested, and we had a Snape in a kilt to finish it all off, so it was cool. We went for a drink afterward with Telaryn, chatted with some anonymous Canadians, then went to bed.

Totally the best drink ever, after all the bruhaha with the cop.

And we saw this, which was The Best Thing Ever:

IMG_4345 by you.

(It’s like I can touch you!)

Day 5: Monday

We spent part of the morning packing up and loading things into the car. After that, we got some lunch, then the husband gave blood, and I attempted (again unsuccessfully) to get James Marster’s autograph. But we did get some autographs for other people (Bros in Law), including one from Richard Kiel, the actor who played Jaws in the James Bond films. He’s really very nice (and HUGE!), and as a bonus for buying an autograph, allowed us to take a free photo:

IMG_4337 by you.

This was the con standard. There were photos posted at his booth of many other people in the same pose. It was awesome.

I killed time doing one last pass of the Art Show and Comic Artist’s Alley. I bought some new vinyl figurines. I sort of took it easy.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the shopping-type rooms with Luciano and finally watching Jennie load a surprisingly small amount of stuff into her car. We went home, took a nap, then Baobh, the husbands, and myself all met Jennie at the Vortex for some burgers. At some point we tried to remember what we’d done over the weekend, but none of us could recall details. I still don’t remember most of Saturday afternoon or portions of Sunday.

And then Tuesday we got some breakfast, wandered around Oakland Cemetery, and then sat at home before I put Baobh and husband on the train to the airport, and went to class. Wednesday I sat on the couch a lot. It was great.

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