Finally, DragonCon stuff

See, here’s what I did: So that I wouldn’t forget, I typed up a recap of all 5 days, which I then saved to my work computer, and consequently left on my work computer. However, I am making up for it by telling you about 2 days at once. Thursday and Friday! Hooray! With pictures!


I will attempt to recap Dragon*Con.

Day 1: Thursday

Waited in line not so long today. Actually, the day started by packing stuff into boxes and suitcases (I managed with one suitcase, one small Rubbermaid container full of costume bits and shoes, and a garment bag full of the main costumes), then loading into the car with Jennie, and then off to the hotel. We checked in early, which will be happening again next year. It helps immensely to avoid the Friday craziness with hotels and such.

The best part of today was that the Con has rearranged things as to make the process more streamlined, crowd and experience-wise, and although I was initially apprehensive, it actually ended up being rather awesome. The check-in has moved to the Sheraton, and the Pre-Reg line was much shorter this year, as it does not initially include people from all other lines. It helped that we got there as the room opened. Shortest wait I’ve ever experienced. It also helped that Baobh and husband met us before getting in line, so we had some company. I forgot my knitting. I am still a little miffed at myself.

The husband was very smart and purchased a parking permit for the weekend, which ended up saving us ~ $50. I think I’m going to try to convince him to go to Trader Vic’s with me so that we can make the best of the permit. It’s good until the end of the month.

IMG_4286 by you.

(It is also possible that he might kill me for posting this.)

Then the evening was spent hanging out, and we went to dinner at the new Mellow Mushroom that opened downtown (note: small salads are actually quite large). We hung out with friends at the hotel bar later on, and had the largest shots I’ve ever consumed (half a tumbler? seriously? the bar is trying to kill congoers early). The bar was ominously full. Normally it takes until Saturday to pack the Atrium Level of the Marriott, but I suppose folks were getting a head start. It was nuts.

This sort of sums up the aftermath of the shots:

[flickrĀ video=]

And then bed. Whew.

I fear that in the future we will have to start arriving earlier and earlier.

Day 2: Friday

This is where my memory gets a little fuzzy. I didn’t consume any mind-erasing substances, but there are significant holes in my weekend, and I’m not the only one. Baobh and Jennie both experienced memory loss. We can’t decide if it was lack of sleep, too much activity, or the water, but nonetheless, I don’t really know what I did on Friday from between 2pm and 3pm, and then after 6pm.

I do know that we woke up, I dressed in costume #1,

IMG_4294 by you.

and we walked to the diner for breakfast. It was delicious. Afterward Jennie and I set up her table, then I met the husband at the room. He had been watching panels on D*C TV. Then afterward we did some erranding, including getting Jennie and ourselves lunch, after which I manned the Devil’s Panties booth between 3 and 5, and then we wandered about for an hour or two (this is the hour or two I don’t remember very well. I believe it included wandering through the art show with Dave and company).

Dave & Co. were the Flintstones:

IMG_4296 by you.

I had promised friend Heather a steak for being awesome and providing a Marriott room reservation, so we trundled ourselves over to Ted’s Montana Grill, where the staff was excellent and gracious and awesome for dealing not only with DragonCon attendees (including the always-charming Robert Lee, whom I have not seen for over a year) but also with college football fans. I got a compliment on sari draping from an actual Indian lady, a compliment which has made my ego a little larger ever since. And also Ted’s comped Heather’s dinner, since the steak was not cooked the way she wanted. So, all in all, aside from some initial organizing stress, not a bad evening out.

Back at the Marriott, we gathered our things, changed clothes, and finished it all off with the first night of kilt-blowing, wherein we take a leaf blower to fellows in kilts, and photograph the results. I am the waiver lady, so it’s a good chance to practice being assertive. We got maybe 35 guys the first night, and went to bed directly after.

So I suppose I do remember Friday. Huh.

And in conclusion, this guy was the saddest SuperMan I have ever seen:

IMG_4287 by you.

(For the rest of the photos I took, go look at the flickr set.)

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  1. Katy says:

    The liquor store superman is priceless!

    p.s. I saw your husband at the YDFM this morning!

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