DragonCon, Day 2

View from the Mariott by you.

[Hotel room view]

And then the stuff started, and it was crazy, and continued throughout the entire weekend. However, let’s see if I remember it, first.

Okie. We slept in again, and the husband finished his sweet Sandman costume, and I got dressed in mine, and we all trundled over to the Marriott to check into the hotel. We met Lessa there at Jennie’s booth so that Jennie could go to a panel (this was a theme for the weekend), and then met a lot of awesome fans (and Lessa put on her costume).
IMG_3597 by you.


One fan was Greyloch (I’ve met him before, but now I feel I know him better), who was dressed as Zebediah Strain from Iron Man, and excellently so.

Zebediah Strain by you.

[Damn. Just… damn]

And the Danes came by,

The Danes! by you.

[Danes have Spunk!]

and RazorJak (I *heart* RazorJak; he’s one of my favorites, and did I mention that he bought me gin?), and a bunch of others. Then Jennie came back so Lessa and I could wander and find her a corset (she bought a blue one, incidentally, but took it back because it was hurting her). This is just about the point where the weekend became surreal. We ran into Baobh in the dealer’s room, and she rescued me from a creepy photographer guy by whisking me away to go and meet none other than Laurell K. Hamilton, of whose work I’ve been a fan since I was 16. No, seriously. I was amazed that I didn’t geek out and make a fool of myself as I conversed briefly with her and then with Jonathon, her husband (who is really nice, too).

So then the day’s fun continued with more hanging around Jennie’s booth and after that going up to the room to sit for a bit (I showed Baobh the sparkly elf socks, of which she was appropriately appreciative), and then going to Ted’s Montana Grill for steak (mmmmmmmeat). I love going to places like that in costume. You get such strange looks.

Ted's 1 by you.

[Chili so far; the meat comes later]

And then came the first night of the kilting. I had my waivers all set up, and the guys lined up, and then I geeked out (secretly) a little more because LKH and crew showed up (!) and hung around to talk to Husband of Baobh and all us DP folks (!!!), and all the guys in their kilts were incredible and funny and much fun was had by all. And then we went to bed, because it was very late and we were all really tired (but this was, like two hours after we finished, because nobody wanted to leave).

Oh, how the shoe is on the other foot by you.

[Jennie gets a taste of her own medicine]

Kilting crowd by you.

[Big crowd, and it only grew]

Fishing for Scotsmen by you.


Soooo… yeah. It was seriously surreal. I think every DragonCon gets more so, because through Jennie and Baobh I meet more and more interesting people every year. Stay tuned for DragonCon Day 3, in which we see a certain sexy member of the Firefly cast and watch a parade and eat some hot wings.

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